Jennifer Boyd

Integrated Nutrition Health Coach

About Me

I specialize in helping middle aged women who are not happy with the number on the scale.  You're tired of eating less and moving more, and it didn't even work.  I'll help you make better food choices and loose weight without medication or supplements.

I have been interested in nutrition and wellness for most of my adult life (although, full disclosure, my high school lunch was always orange juice and Ring Dings -- I'm pretty horrified by that now!). My son was diagnosed with type I diabetes when he was 13 months old. This required understanding food labels as his insulin dose was calculated according to the amount of carbohydrates he ate. He was diagnosed with celiac disease Il years later. Celiac means eating an extremely diligent gluten free diet. You'd be surprised at all of the sneaky ways gluten can find its way into food.

I had routine bloodwork done in July 2018. I was shocked to learn that my hemoglobin Alc (a blood test that measures the three month average blood sugar) was 6.2, deep into pre diabetes range. I count my lucky stars that my doctor suggested changing my diet, (vs medication) as a way of lowering my Alc. Friday August 3, 2018 was the last day I ate a Standard American Diet. I jumped into the ketogenic way of eating with both feet and never looked back. With 35+ pounds lost and an Alc of 5.2, it's been 100% worth it!! Call today to schedule your complementary 15 minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you.

One on one help, group classes, e-meeting support groups!

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